eCommerce Strategies & Solutions

Product Branding, Distribution and Storage; Seller Agreements and Vetting; Third-Party Vendors and Intermediaries; Engagement with Platforms, Regulators and Critical Stakeholders; Brand Registries and Internet Monitoring; Take Down Notices and Complaints; Competitive and Market Research/Due Diligence;  Industry Outreach and Advocacy

Global Branding

Trademark and copyrights; availability research; domains; assignments and licenses; work made for hire agreements; copyright applications; trademark applications; Electronic Submissions for PTO and TTAB; Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring and advocacy; Product Identification Manuals for Customs; Border enforcement and recordation; Anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy initiatives

Company Structures

Company Formations, Business Plans, Websites, Agreements, NDAs, Social Media, Bank Accounts, Invoices, Purchase Orders